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TurnKey VPS, SSD Web Hosting

TurnKey Internet TurnKey claims and works its very own server farm which utilizes an assortment of advances to protect a green-accommodating way to deal with the entirety of our web and cloud facilitating administrations. Owning our very own structure and foundation manages us more noteworthy ability to seek after ideal, naturally well disposed plans in each territory of our business. From low voltage, green agreeable servers using progressed Intel-based processors, to cutting edge nearby sun oriented clusters, TurnKey is improving nature to the most elevated degree.
Company Owned & Operated Data Center
SSAE-16/18 SOC 1 & SOC 2 Certified
HIPAA Compliant Mapping
FM200 Fire Suppression System
3N UPS System & 2N Backup Power Generators
100% Green Energy - Hydro & Solar
100% Network & Power Uptime Guarantee

TurnKey Provide the best internet hosting prices

VPS Cloud Servers

TurnKey Cloud/VPS: High Performance Cloud, Virtual Private Servers Sponsored with impenetrable unwavering quality, our Cloud-Hosted Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offer the ideal equalization of significant worth, execution, and usability. All VPS bundles incorporate 100% system up-time, day in and day out help, and a 30-day unconditional promise! TurnKey Internet offers a full suite of oversaw facilitating administrations, for example, server back-ups, hands-on framework organization, interruption location insurance, and propelled firewall assurance administrations. Select from Linux or Windows working frameworks.
Packages Include
100% Guaranteed Resources
KVM-Based Virtualization
RAID-10 Ultra Fast Disk Systems
Up to 40 CPU's and 384 GB RAM
Automated Remote Backups
Up to 32 Dedicated IP's

Virtual Private KVM Server with NVMe SSD on Smarthost

SmartHost Virtual Private Servers supply you the perfect possibility to function as a Dedicated Server with root access to research the operations of such except risk, and barring the huge outlay of capital. Relax and enable SmartHost to hold the hardware and base running system of the service, whilst you can center of attention on utilizing the software program functionality of the server. As your internet hosting necessities grow with SmartHost Virtual Private Servers, a jump to Dedicated Servers is properly inside reach.

$2.95 monthly
Linux VPS

SmartHost Virtual Private Servers

$2.95 monthly
Open VZ Linux VPS

SmartHost Virtual Private Servers

$7.95 monthly
Windows VPS

$4.95 monthly
KVM Cloud

Buy a Safe and Secure VPN IP Vanish

Block unwanted connections Hide Your IP


7 day money back guarantee


Block unwanted connections Hide Your IP

Two Years

7 day money back guarantee


Block unwanted connections Hide Your IP


7 day money back guarantee


Basic SSL
Premium SSL
High Assurance SSL
Wildcard SSL Certificate
Enterprise EV SSL
Enterprise EV UCC/SAN SSL
Multi-domain UCC/SAN SSL
Code Signing Certificates
EV Code Signing Certificates

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate provide relaxed, encrypted communications among a website and a web browser. SSL stands for cozy Sockets Layer, the protocol which presents the encryption. SSL certificate are commonly set up on pages that require stop-customers to post touchy information over the internet like credit score card info or passwords.

The high-assurance SSL certificates from is the smooth and low-priced way to feature brand your virtual safety certificate. through using corporation Validation, you may have your corporation name appear in the info of your SSL certificates. this option allows insure clients that the website they're journeying is nicely related to your enterprise.

Virtual Private KVM Server with NVMe SSD, Reliable VPS Services

TurnKey is improving nature to the most elevated degree.