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The Best VPS Features in Europe!

AMD EPYC server processors are breaking Intel's monopoly after eight years, in style. Thanks to the new 7nm ZEN architecture, AMD EPYC brings up to 64 core processors with 128 threads. AMD also comes with unprecedented connectivity and features, surprisingly surpassing even the best Intel has to offer for 1 and 2 processor sockets. EPYC processors all have an 8-channel controller for DDR4 3200MHz ECC, 128 PCIe 4.0 lines and one processor can address up to 4TB of memory.

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Powered by Ryzen 3900X CPUs and NVME Storage!
1 CPU Core @ 3.9Ghz+
20GB NVME Storage
1 IPv4 + /48 IPv6

Virtual Private KVM Server with NVMe SSD

Virtual Private Servers supply you the perfect possibility to function as a Dedicated Server with root access to research the operations of such except risk, and barring the huge outlay of capital. Relax and enable to hold the hardware and base running system of the service, whilst you can center of attention on utilizing the software program functionality of the server. As your internet hosting necessities grow with Virtual Private Servers, a jump to Dedicated Servers is properly inside reach.

high frequency CPUs such as the AMD EPYC or AMD Eypc processors using fast DDR4 ECC RAM

VPS with AMD EPYC processors

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate provide relaxed, encrypted communications among a website and a web browser. SSL stands for cozy Sockets Layer, the protocol which presents the encryption. SSL certificate are commonly set up on pages that require stop-customers to post touchy information over the internet like credit score card info or passwords.

The high-assurance SSL certificates from is the smooth and low-priced way to feature brand your virtual safety certificate. through using corporation Validation, you may have your corporation name appear in the info of your SSL certificates. this option allows insure clients that the website they're journeying is nicely related to your enterprise.

Virtual Private KVM Server with NVMe SSD, Reliable VPS Services

30 Tbps back bone across Europe, Asia and the Americas.