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Mountain Hiking is a form of walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery on the way and from the top. Anyone enjoy the good walk will also enjoy the hiking experience within the mountainous regions of Kerala. The lower attitude regions of Nilgiri Hills provide some pretty good options to enjoy a hike.

Hiking is a type of walking and while doing it one can enjoy as well as explore the scenery of the given place. Hiking can only be done in those places that have trails such as in rural or wilderness areas.

Before taking up the hiking trip it should be carefully kept in mind that the clothing should be of a fabric that provides a breather to your skin and allows your body to shed excess heat and sweat while feeling dry.

Avoid cotton cloths and for cold weather use polypropylene and for warm weather use polyester is good choice for base covering. A windproof and water resistant jacket worn loosely can be removed when you start feeling warmer after walking.

Use comfortable and right hiking shoes. One should keep different kind of shoes to face the climate changes. One should drink water before, during and after walking. All hiker should set out on a hike tour with a trail map, compass and with good idea about the route.

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