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Web hosting is a broad term used to describe the act of storing web files on a web server so that they can be viewed by people on the Internet or an intranet. There are many different configurations and options available when it comes to how you decide to host your web files. Regardless of which method you choose, you should understand the basics of whats involved and what you should get with any web hosting service.

A web server is a computer that is continuously connected to the Internet and has special sever software  that reads hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) requests from client side programs, processes the request and sends either the requested file or resource, or any error codes in an HTTP response. You store your web files on the servers hardrive. A web file is most commonly an HTML file but can also include dynamic content files such as PHP files.  Web hosting services will specify the amount of disk space or storage that you get when you use their hosting services. This is a measurement of how much space you are allowed for your files on their hard drive and is usually measured in gigabytes.

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